Coolgreens impact on our communities!

Good morning everyone,

In these times of uncertainty and trepidation as we all live in places that are re-opening and everyone begins to move towards a new normal, I wanted to reshare a comment Luis and Shanna received or noticed in Southlake.

Posted on “Next Door in Southlake”: I want to let everyone know if you are scared of Door Dash or Grub Hub during these times don’t be if you order from COOL GREENS!!! These folks have developed a way to seal press their bags so they have to opened with scissors when you receive it and no third party germs!!!! Incredible LOCALLY OWNED business on Southlake Blvd and kimball .

Never underestimate the impact our brand can have on our communities, I am humbled and honored to work alongside all of you. This also is a FANTASTIC example of teamwork and collaboration as Amanda came up with the idea, and the rest of the team from Ray to Eric and the team from Nichols Hills worked to finalize the design.

Cheers all,

Todd Madlener President & COO

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