Pan Pizza Tote™

The PAN PIZZA TOTE™ is a Patented dual purpose bag. It is a pizza box carrier and reusable shopping bag in one. It can turn from a pizza box carrier to a reusable shopping bag in seconds!

Multiple Pizza Box Carrier

It is a new concept that allows you to easily load and remove multiple pizza boxes from the lateral side opening. This unique multi box carrier keeps your pizza boxes locked-in and perfectly flat. It prevents pizza boxes from spilling out while carrying or shifting when driving in your car. The easy grip handle allows you a free hand to conveniently do other things (carry other items, handle keys, open doors, etc.). Add side pockets to store packets of peppers & cheeses, cutlery, napkins, etc.

Reusable Bag

Just Reuse It! Secure one of the pizza handle straps to the bottom of the bag and create a Reusable Bag in seconds (literally!). It is great to use for picnics, at the grocery store or beach, on road trips, etc. The bag has a large capacity and a reinforced bottom for extra strength. It is a great Marketing Tool to advertise your business. Let your customers be your walking billboard. Use the bag with customers as an in-store sale item or promotion. Encourage repeat business when customers reuse and bring back their bag.


  • Reusable
  • Affordable / Economical
  • Easy to use. Simple. User friendly
  • Light weight
  • Soft and Flexible
  • Collapsible and Foldable
  • Easy storage
  • Convenient
  • Durable
  • Washable
  • Custom made to your specifications
  • Multi-film colors available
  • Button snaps, velcro, zippers, and pockets can be added


User Instructions

To Use As A Multiple Pizza Box Carrier:


Lay bag with opening on lateral side. Unsnap handle A and pull up.


Slide pizza boxes into opening. Tuck top handle B inside the bag.


Pull lower handle C with velcro closure tab to handle A on opposite side. Secure handles together with velcro closure tab.

To Use As A Reusable Box Carrier:


Remove pizza boxes. Snap handle A back to it’s original position.


Stand bag upright. Use as reusable bag!